We convert patent data into proven business

intelligence and follow-on research funding

Using a proven method that converts unproductive IP assets into living capital.

"University researchers have produced acres of assets, worth billions of dollars, but it’s held in such a way that it can’t produce capital."


How will we view color on the big screen in the future?

6P Color is designing for the future of better color palettes, new environments, and the ever-changing technology that brings it to us.

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Blueprints works with leading universities to uncover and convert foundational research into market-impact IP, follow-on-research funding, and deal-flow for its investors, government and corporate clients.  We directly engage university administrators, faculty, and students to power commercialization programs and to establish what we call the Lab-to-Market (L2M) Collaborative at the institution. Blueprints also invites the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and funding partners to join a disciplined, collaborative process that releases the economic potential of faculty research and
reduces product risk as it securely moves with speed and agility from the lab to the marketplace.

Blueprints powers university commercialization programs through unique processes, tools, and a committed group of commercialization specialists and a network of subject matter experts focused purely on IP capitalization and technology commercialization. Blueprints Lab collects Commercialization Readiness Level (CRL) data designed to draw out the technical value and economic potential of the university’s under-used IP.  Blueprints teams synthesize, convert and package CRL data into actionable business intelligence for IP capitalization by local investors and for data-driven decision making by the university to retain, drop, prototype, or release the IP to Blueprints for out-licensing.  When the preferred path is a start-up, Blueprints engages community stakeholders to prepare local landing zones and its workforce to ensure early company traction and future business growth.




Blueprints Labs searches IP databases, laboratories, and garages looking for under-used assets and concealed technologies and “What should be released for human benefit…” Our entrepreneurial scientists interact with inventors and form hypotheses. Then using proprietary analytical tools we evaluate concepts until we identify something that might be a breakthrough. We search for what we call “ark innovations” and perform numerous evaluations each year.





Our unique development process combines scientific curiosity, IP analytics, technology planning, favorable market mapping, and professional funding resourcing alongside a vast network of experts in a collaborative.  Promising finds are analyzed for unmet need-fit, IP gaps, meaningful uniqueness, market-impact platform potential, and technological and commercial readiness.  We collaborate with external experts to test the weaknesses and strengths of new concepts.  We call this revolutionary methodology IP Foresight.




Processed IP is represented in a diligence report and is assigned a Commercialization Readiness Level™.  We use a “CRL Chart” to judge a concept or a technology or to make a determination about what is required to elevate its “readiness” status.  IP Foresight teams road test the charts and discontinue processed IP that cannot, for whatever reason, validate their promise for marketplace adoption.




By representing the IP in the form of a diligence report and a CRL color chart, our clients can quickly see the concealed value.  Ultimately, a report with the appropriate CRL Levels is released for assessment and IP transfer.  The client works to provide on-going connections and streams of follow-on funding back to the inventor’s lab at the university where the IP originated and builds a business that creates extraordinary future value, sometimes launching as public companies.


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