We work with leading universities to uncover and convert foundational research into deal-flow for our clients.

University Partnerships & Business Engagements

Technology transfer offices at most research universities are truly under-resourced, creating challenges for our clients seeking innovations. Also, they typically operate without a disciplined and systematic technology translation process yet perform most of the fundamental technology research nationally and globally.  As they develop valuable intellectual property assets, they face a wave of interest from investors and emerging-market companies and need agile commercialization models to manage market demand.

We establish what we call the Ideas-to-Market (I2M) Collaborative at each institution and implement a disciplined, systematic process for university IP acquisition, development, and utilization. With the I2M Collaborative in place, we invite our clients to come alongside a university’s technology researchers with the hope that they will fulfill the business end of the commercialization initiative.

High-Value Dealflow

We understand the challenges faced by our clients, including corporate intrapreneurs, early-stage investors, and those who participate in later stage business growth. We blend an IP and technology perspective with time-tested business acumen to deliver superior IP analysis reports, IP strategies, and detailed market insights. We also help universities deepen their core competencies in technology planning and prototype development. 

We focus on mostly unexplored areas that allow commercialization partners to capture significant intellectual property, which protects the envisioned value. And, by seeking to represent IP only where we can tackle large unmet needs with technology, we create clear value propositions for everyone.


The development stage of our process is designed to uncover untapped potential value and to reduce risk. Unlike traditional IP analysis, we set a decision matrix in place and strive to move IP along a prescribed journey. If we can’t validate the science or the commercialization path within a defined period of time, we give the idea more time to percolate through our IP Foresight teams before moving on.

Frictionless IP Transfer

As a Commercialization Readiness Report is prepared to validate final IP transfer, our emphasis remains focused on maximizing value and creating downside protection. Guiding the conversion of IP to a prototype driven by a customer validation process is a core part of our de-risking and focus-management strategy.  And if IP is based on a platform with the potential to produce multiple products across different areas, the opportunity to create tremendous value is substantial.


In order to effectively serve our clients, we have designed technology transfer protocols and products to overcome IP licensing and assignment inefficiencies and to establish win-win transactions. During the transfer of the IP to a new principal owner, we continue to foster alignment with the originators of the IP and focus on securing future company value while maximizing the speed of the transaction.


The result is a seamless pipeline of sustainable deal flow and productive partnerships between industry and universities.

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Asset Scouting

We conduct systematic, global asset scouting missions for our clients.  We deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning using our proprietary software to mine worldwide databases to find key patents and to discover additional potential assets not yet in the public domain that fit our client’s criteria. 

Due Diligence

We work closely with our clients to undertake all aspects of due diligence.  We review data to evaluate the expertise required and select a team of “bilingual” evaluators who have both a deep technical expertise and business acumen that match our client’s need.  We report our findings in a Commercialization Readiness (CRL) Diligence Report which displays data as CRL charts and dashboards, enabling our client to quickly see where the value lies.


We advise clients on both sides of the table using a unity-of-effort approach that delivers win/win IP assignments and licensing deals.  We work with industry and university clients to optimize the partnering strategy, discover gaps, and to bring agreement on IP transfer and follow-on-funding goals. We facilitate access to confidential data, initiate term sheet creation, and coordinate communication between prospective partners through deal completion.