Unity of Effort Between

Academia, Private Sector

& Government to Acquire 

and Utilize New


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We utilize AI, machine learning, and big data to accelerate technology planning, market-mapping, and R&D of on-target solutions to solve U.S. Armed Forces priority needs. 

We deliver sponsored research funding to universities so faculty can invent more, publish more, and universities can build more research assets and infrastructure.

We invite industry partners into R&D collaboratives that have strong client needs and pre-existing resources to build and to commercialize but that doesn’t require them to give up ownership of shared IP.

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Our MAP Platform


Asset Scouting

We conduct systematic, global asset scouting missions to satisfy our client’s needs and technology priorities.  We deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning using our proprietary software to mine worldwide databases to find key research and patents as well as potential assets not yet in the public domain that fit our client’s specific criteria.

Technology Planning

We enable technology acquisition with unprecedented speed, efficiency and agility.  We combine unmet need analysis with physics-based planning.  Our process deconstructs concepts and notions and transcribes them into objective parameters that can be quickly translated into competitive products.  It identifies the total of all technology paths that could be utilized in the present or future, which enables offensive and defensive maneuvers in the technology space.


We advise clients on all sides of the table using a unity-of-effort approach that delivers win/win IP business deals and technology delivery.  We work with industry and university clients to optimize the partnering strategy, discover gaps, and to bring agreement on IP transfer and follow-on-funding goals. We facilitate access to confidential data, initiate term sheet creation, and coordinate communication between prospective partners through deal completion and product manufacturing.