We believe IP Capitalization is best done in brilliant open-handed collaboratives.



Our IP Foresight teams convert under-used university IP assets into capital by searching out, developing, representing, and transferring breakthrough technologies to marketplace rainmakers.

Our Principles Stand Strong:

1. We search for inventors to explore what the present should be and envision what the future could be and navigate data, physics, and entrepreneurs to drive transformative changes in reality.


2. We believe IP Foresight is a disciplined, systematic, and repeatable process that can be taught, learned and replicated which is best done by collaboratives of people grounded in good character who self-assemble in brilliant open-handed, entrepreneurial environments to get things done.

3. When there is a phase separation between inventors, developers and sellers with seamless, regular exchanges, a remarkable amount of speed and agility exists to drive ideas from the lab to the marketplace.

4. We found that breakthrough can be expected where there is a divine design, plan, and execution strategy and where people, processes, and products align at each stage along the way.


5. We are seeking to change how Universities regard IP, which is merely as a way to protect ideas, by converting patents into follow-on research funding, activating translational activities within universities, offering student experiential learning opportunities, and driving local community wealth.

Our Thinking Changed:

From revenue-based value to intellectual property-based value. What if nearly all of the value is created in the IP space? Well, then the goal would be to acquire, develop, and maneuver within the IP space for a given technology priority.

From financial-based planning to technology planning. What if success is determined predictably by the planning that takes place in the technology space before surfacing in the marketplace? Well, then our technology plans would always feed our financial plans, not the other way around.​​


From an economy of scarce tangibles to abundant intangibles. What if people are the tangibles and the things they produce are the intangibles, rather than the reverse? Well, then we would remove all hierarchy, resume´ labels, and constraints and always seek to uncover the potential of a person’s fully-expressed assets and help them convert it into living capital.


From time-bound to timeless potential innovation. What if the next breakthrough invention exists as a potential in a timeless plane before it enters our time-bound one? Well, then we would pay more attention to imagination, belief, and nudges.


From close-handedness to open-handedness. What if we are not as independent as we think and no matter what we see, we still each only see in part? Well, then we would bring more people into the mix, more often, and share the fractional rewards.



Blueprints Lab was founded in 2012, to offer an alternative way to create meaningful innovation.

The Blueprints team searches out, develops, represents, and transfers

breakthrough IP and technology, each based on an original invention, to support further research and to meet real human needs.

Our unique process combines IP analytics, technology planning, marketplace mapping, professional funding resourcing, and a vast network of experts in a collaborative that converts ideas into commercialization-ready opportunities, follow-on research funding, and growth companies. We call this IP Foresight.

Blueprints Lab deployed the process at the Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative (BRIC) to foster the development of around 25 science-based technologies at Baylor University. Through unity of effort with Baylor and the Waco community entrepreneurial eco-system, we are launching new portfolio companies into local “landing zones” to spur new economic growth. Numerous patents and a pipeline of more than 60 technology development projects are underway.