IP Capitalization
is an experiment in
collaborative innovation.


What if there were a band of analysts who could search out the total of all ideators with breakthrough ideas, who also possessed the ability to better validate and transfer those ideas?


Our unique process integrates inventors, developers, promoters, strategic data science, and a vast network of crowdsourced subject matter experts, university faculty and students who collect, synthesize and report on technology commercialization claims and validations to drive IP capitalization and venture development.


IP Capitalization is:

Releasing the potential IP holds to deploy new innovation. IP must be processed and fixed into new tangible forms of representation and entrepreneurship in order to release value.



We begin with the unseen and navigate to extraordinary outcomes.



Blueprints Labs searches IP databases and laboratories looking for under-used university assets and concealed technologies and “What should be released for human benefit…” Our entrepreneurial scientists interact with inventors and form hypotheses. Then using proprietary analytical tools we evaluate concepts until we identify something that might be a breakthrough. We search for what we call “ark innovations” and perform numerous evaluations each year.




Our unique development process combines scientific curiosity, IP analytics, technology planning, favorable market mapping, and professional funding resourcing alongside a vast network of experts in acollaborative.  Promising finds are analyzed for unmet need-fit, IP gaps, meaningful uniqueness, market-impact platform potential, and technological and commercial readiness.  We collaborate with external experts to test the weaknesses and strengths of new concepts.  We call this revolutionary methodology IP Foresight.




Processed IP is represented in a diligence report and is assigned a Commercialization Readiness Level™.  We use a “CRL Chart” to judge a concept or a technology or to make a determination about what is required to elevate its “readiness” status.  IP Foresight teams road test the charts and discontinue processed IP that cannot, for whatever reason, validate their promise for marketplace adoption.




By representing the IP in the form of a diligence report and a CRL color chart, our clients can quickly see the concealed value.  Ultimately, a report with the appropriate CRL Levels is released for assessment and IP transfer.  The client works to provide on-going connections and streams of follow-on funding back to the inventor’s lab at the university where the IP originated and builds a business that creates extraordinary future value, sometimes launching as public companies.