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Transforming Ideas into Valuable Assest for Capitalization

SiMPL is a technology commercialization platform to assist with assessment, co-creation, and delivery of technology and matching between commercial, academic, and government technologists, development, and capital partners in order to respond to unmet priority needs with speed, agility, and best-in-class innovation

Drive better outcomes with
data-driven decision making

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integrates the Story, Innovation, Market, Product, Leverage

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Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration

Inventors, Organizations, Managers, Administrators, Experts, Investors, and Industry easily communicate and work together.

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Idea / Invention Documentation

Provides a safe and secure working environment to protect intellectual property and avoid release of prior art.

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Tech Path Mapping & Strategy

Identifying the right technology strategy for invention development leads to better patents, sponsored research, and more revenue for all stakeholders.

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Our dashboard driven data ontology enables managers, subject matter experts, and validators to assess, score, and document readiness levels in each step of the process.

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Data-Driven Decision Making

Our criteria for technology has a high probability of commercial success because we bring global IP, market and technology space context to answer questions and capture the full value of the underpinning idea.

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Patent Development Strategy

We leverage the expertise of proven patent attorneys, analysts, experts, and proprietary data systems enabling management to invest wisely and reduce unnecessary risk and cost in the patent process.

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Practical Prototyping

The SiMPL™ Platform helps mitigate the laboratory “push” prototype with market “pull” intelligence to produce better prototypes for market commercialization enabling industry acceptance and investment.

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Due Diligence

The SiMPL™ Platform uses best practices to create a market-ready data room enabling investors and industry real time access to documentation of ideas and inventions such that a suitable investment can be made early in the development cycle.

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IP Asset Management

We provide a managed solution to structuring, negotiation, and ultimate monetization of your tech assets. We utilized concepts of Sharing Capitalism™ to properly reward all stakeholders with equitable interest, revenue sharing, royalty, and rights management.

Generate impact

With the SiMPL Network, you get the expertise to scale collaborative

commercialization across your organization and drive real

marketplace impact.

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5x ROI

Learn how SiMPL helped Baylor commercialize technologies across its organization, achieving 5x ROI with a payback period of < 18 months, and attain R1 status in 2021.

Our mission is to change the status quo where 97% of idea and inventions fail commercialization.  We have worked collaboratiely to shift the university culture.  We found that our SiMPL System is an effective way to integrate the technology transfer office as well as the schools of law, business, biological science, engineering, data, and digital media.  We serve the entire ecosystem of students, faculty, leadership, investors, industry, and federal, state, and local governments.


– Rich Jarvis, CEO Blueprints Lab

Proud to be a 2020 U.S. EDA Grant Award-Winner

Helping you drive continuous success

Gain access to our talented team and our SiMPL Network with deep expertise in specialty fields, technology planning, IP analytics, market simulation, industry engagement, and investor deal flow management

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Client Success

A dedicated SiMPL Idea
Champion and project
integration manager become a
virtual extension of your team.

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We create custom training with
local and remote training

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Network of Experts

Our SiMPL Network is ready to
help you execute and achieve
your commercialization success.

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We’re one Zoom call away for
advising or making on-campus
visits to assist faculty or staff.

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Best-in-class Toolsets

Software platform, spreadsheets,
and documents all geared
toward integrating or sharing
knowledge and driving better

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Productive Meetings

Get clear on your goals and
advance IDFs to
prototypes to market readiness stage-by-
stage, track metrics, and make
data-driven decisions easily.

More innovating, less managing

SiMPL gives you the management you need from an enterprise-grade

strategic decision-making collaboration platform.

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